Company Profile



POSDER is the number one supplier of dual power supply and motor protector products in low-voltage electrical industry.


The company is an integrated enterprise engaged in the processing, production and sales of power distribution switch control equipment, electrical complete equipment, electrical engineering, fire alarm monitoring and detection equipment, high-voltage electrical appliances, etc. The leading products include dual power automatic transfer switch, control and protection switching appliances, electrical fire monitoring system, fire power monitoring system, fire electrical control device, emergency starting device of fire fighting machinery, intelligent power system, fire door monitoring system, intelligent terminal power protector, intelligent lighting switch control module, intelligent digital display instrument, multi-functional power instrument, surge protector, self resetting overvoltage and undervoltage protector Miniature circuit breakers, miniature earth leakage circuit breakers, miniature DC circuit breakers, miniature circuit breaker accessories, molded case circuit breakers, molded case earth leakage circuit breakers, load disconnectors, motor soft starters, frequency converters, intelligent integrated earth leakage protectors, intelligent universal circuit breakers, ring network cabinets, gas filled cabinets, high-voltage switch series and other products of more than 600 specifications.


We Keep Moving

Our motor protectors have a history of nearly 40 years, After continuous improvement and upgrading, our products have become the leaders in this series of products. Our products have successively obtained UL, CE, CCC and other domestic and foreign certification certificates, and have become influential well-known brands in the same industry.

We truly provide a wide range of solutions and develop intelligent, affordable solutions when necessary.
This is not just about us; We sincerely hope to go hand in hand with you!



Founded in 1984, our company is one of the earliest low-voltage electrical appliance companies in China. Our founder has profound insights, and the low-voltage electrical appliance industry will continue to develop with the progress of the times. We will say, "Not only then, but also now and in the future".
At POSDER, we realize that this long history is not self-evident. For decades, the knowledge and experience passed down among all POSDER colleagues has shaped us. We are not only manufacturers of low-voltage electrical appliances, but also experts in solution. We are an organization that can stand the test of the future. We will move forward forever. Take the past knowledge and today's advanced knowledge as a solid foundation.


As a recognized specialist with nearly 40 years of company history, we offer you innovative solutions for every challenge and are constantly developing our portfolio to adapt it to changing market conditions.