SHIQ3-63(M) series dual power automatic transfer switch

Short Description:


Control device: Built-in controller

Product structure: Small size, high current, simple structure, ATS integration

Features: Fast switching speed, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, reliable performance

Connection: Front connection

Conversion mode: Power on the grid, grid generator, auto-charge & auto-recovery

Frame current: 63

Product current: 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63A

Product classification: Circuit breaker

Pole No.: 2, 3, 4

Standard: GB/T14048.11

ATSE: CB class, with overload and short-circuit protection

Product Detail

Product Tags

Dual power automatic transfer switch

Scope of use

This switch is applicable to dual power supply switch with 50/60HZ, rated voltage below 1000V and rated current below 63A, and can realize automatic or manual switching between common power supply (N) and standby power supply (R). (The main power supply can be the power grid, starting generator set, storage battery, etc., and the main and standby power supply are determined by the user.) Make the dual-power customers unattended. This switch is applicable to the special or first class load users specified by the state, such as high-rise buildings, posts and telecommunications, coal mining ships, industrial assembly lines, medical and health care, military facilities, airports, fire control, gold treatment, chemical, textile, oil and other important places where power cannot be cut off.

Normal operating conditions

The ambient air temperature is - 5 ° C~+40 ° C, and the average value within 24 hours shall not exceed+35 ° C;
The relative humidity shall not exceed 50% when the maximum temperature is+40 ° C, and the relative humidity may be higher when the temperature is lower, for example, 90% when the temperature is+20 ° C. However, it shall be considered that there may be omissions due to temperature changes:
The altitude of the installation site shall not exceed 2000M:
Category IV: no more than+23 ° C

The pollution level is 3:

If the above conditions are met, the manufacturer shall be consulted when ordering, and a separate technical agreement shall be signed when the switch is used in offshore, oil and nuclear power plants.

Model and meaning


Overall and installation dimension

• SHIQ3-63(M)/2P Overall and installation dimension


• SHIQ3-63(M)/3P Overall and installation dimension


• SHIQ3-63(M)/4P Overall and installation dimension


Wiring principle drawing


Note: the external signal port of the users:
•Basic type:
1. Product standard port of out of factory (101-103, 201-203) signal lamp;
2.Users according to the requirements to connect by themselves.

•Basic fire-fighting type (X type):
1.Product standard port of out of factory (101-103, 201-203) signal lamp, (304-305) fire-fighting port;
2.Users according to the requirements to connect by themselves.

•Basic fire-fighting, generation, feedback type (XFZ type):
1.Product standard port of out of factory (101-103, 201-203) signal lamp, (304-305) fire-fighting, (104-105, 204-205) feedback, (301-303) generation;
2.Users according to the requirements to connect by themselves.


Note: If needing fire-fighting passive port or 220VAC output, to specify when ordering.

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